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Discount Cigs

Dicsount Cigs

Discount Cigs is one of the leaders is getting your favorite cigarette brands to your door, anywhere in the United States. They offer a big discount on their cartons and will ship your smokes for free, no matter the order size. This is a great perk that comes with buying online through Discount Cigs.

They have nearly every major brand from Lucky Strike to Marlboro to Parliament.

For viewers they offer a 3-5% discount, depending on your order size. All you need to do is enter “esmokescom” in the coupon code section when you check out. Orders are very secure and they have a special members area where you can check the status of your order.

Far and away my favorite place to pick up online cigarettes. I know they are going to show up at my front door, duty free and when I am running low, placing another order is just a few clicks away.

Hear what a few of their customers had to say about Discount Cigs:

“Thanks for great prices and service. My Camels arrived today, a little later than expected but I’d forgotten about the holiday weekend. Nevertheless, still a fast and efficient service and I will most certainly be buying from you again in the future. I’m happy to add my name to your list of satisfied customers.”

Mike from NJ

“I buy lots of things online but it never occured to me that I could buy my smokes too! I usually stop by the Duty-Free stores when I travel abroad but this makes it so much easier! I don’t have to wait until I go on vacation to stock up on my cigs. Thanks so much for your service.”

Dan, Boston, MA

Airport Cigs

Airport Cigarettes

Airport Cigarettes is an excellent provider of branded cigarettes. They have brands like Camel, Parliament, Pall Mall, Marlboro, More, Kool and many others that you see in your local gas stations and convenience stores. They offer free shipping on all orders no matter how big or small which is a big benefit.

Imagine thinking you are getting a great deal on your cigarettes only to find out they are charging you an extra $15-30 in shipping charges! Not with Airport Cigarettes. The smokes are shipping unmarked and if you order multiple cartons they may come in different intervals, but it is well worth it.

The biggest savings come from buying 6 and 10 carton packages as the price drops drastically for these bigger orders. If you are looking to stock up on a few cartons, this is the place to go.

Let’s hear from a few of the customers at Airport Cigarettes:

“I just got my order in the mail today. Just wanted to let you know that the quality is better than I expected! I’m pretty accustomed to buying my cigs on the internet (because of the discounts and no tax!) so I was expecting a package from China or Indonesia. I was delighted when I found my order came from England, the quality is just so much better. Thanks for offering genuine cigarettes at prices I can afford!”


“Goods arrived Friday last week and Monday this week, both from the UK. Again an excellent service which is to be trusted. We will be ordering again and have told our friends and family. We all have doubts at first, however this service is to be recommended. Thanks!”

Liz Pratt

Direct e-Cig

Direct eCig

The Direct eCig is one of the best ways to see if an electronic cigarette is for you. The reason, simple. All you need to do is pay for shipping and handling today and in a few days their starter kit is at your door step.

This gives you the ability to see if an electronic cigarette is for you without having to pay the big upfront prices to get started. Now if you like the Direct eCig, you will be billed for the starter kit as well as additional cartridges, which makes it easy to get the flavor you need without having to worry about reordering, forgetting to get online or heading over to a local smoke shop. It’s convenience that makes the Direct eCig the best starter kit on the market.

The only drawback is selection. They currently are offering only 1 electronic cigarette for this trial offer, so if you are looking for flavor or variety, this may not be the e-cig for you.

Let’s hear what some of the Direct eCig smokers have to say about this electronic cigarette:

“I received my Starter Kit after 4 days and I haven’t looked back. It really feels and tastes like a real cigarette. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t order E-CIGS 5 years ago.”

Lee Horton

“The electronic cigarette is the first, and now only electronic cigarette I’ll use. The flavor is intense, it’s easy to use and carry around, and it’s saving me a LOT of money. Even more importantly, I know I’m not giving second hand smoke to my children!”

Janice Brown

Smoke And Save is a fully licensed international provider of duty-free products, including the cigarette brands you love and trust like Marlboro, Camel, Kool and more. They offer you a wide variety of premium Duty Free brand name products at amazingly low prices. All of their cigarettes are shipped from authentic bonded warehouses and Smoke And Save specializes in shipping their products to the US as well as many countries worldwide.

As all their products are duty and tax free and when purchase in bulk amounts (3, 6 and 10 cartons), you can save up to 60% off retail prices in some areas. All the products on the Smoke And Save website are bought directly from the manufacturers and are of the highest quality, taste and freshness available online, making a great choice to buy the cigarettes you know and love.

See what Smoke And Save customers are saying:

“Hello from NY. Just wanted to say thanks for my order. I thought I’d have to give up smoking because I just couldn’t afford the price of cigs in this country. I used to order cartons of Marlboro from another company and they shipped from India or something. I tried one thinking it would be the same and it tasted awful! I had no idea the quality would be so different! This site has saved me a small fortune and I look forward to future orders from you.”


“I just e-mail you to let you know I got my delivery in the post from you and I am real happy with your service and the price is great. I would just like to say I will be ordering from you in the future. I also know many people that smoke and I will e-mail them with your web-site address. Thanks once again, keep up the good work and keep giving the American people a good deal!”


Duty Free Cigarettes

Duty Free Cigarettes

The leading site for duty free cigarettes and they truly show it. From the brands they carry all the way down to the secure payments, Duty Free Cigarettes is a solid way for you to buy your cigarettes online, safely and effectively.

Once you place your order, you receive not only an order confirmation that your cigarettes are on their way, but also a User ID and Password to check on the status of your order.

Oh, and did I mention that shipping is free too! What a perk. Thanks to the quantity of orders we send over to Duty Free Cigarettes, we get to pass some big savings on to you. Just enter “esmokescom” when you are checking out and you will be eligible to receive an additional 3-5% off your order.

For those that are serious about placing your cigarette orders online, and not paying the traditional local taxes, this is the way to go. Order today and see what I mean.

Here are some more stories from customers that have used Duty Free Cigarettes:

“I bought my first lot of cigarettes and was wary having been “scammed” by another site. What a different experience duty free cigarettes was! Firstly the payment transaction was very secure which reassured me. The emails keeping me up to date on the process of the order were excellent and the delivery time very quick (one week.) The packaging was so discreet that I didn’t know it was a carton of 200 cigs until I opened it and the product is exactly the same as I’ve always smoked. I’m placing my next order straight away and have recommended duty free cigarettes to friends and family! Many thanks for saving me a lot of money, you’ve got a long term customer in me!”


“Just to say thanks so much for the cigs – made my day! You’re definitely the best on the internet – so many other websites had dead links or never got back to me. Your site is very professional and easy to use as well. So I will definitely come back again. Thanks so much again – give yourselves a pat on the back – you deserve it.”

Ameena – Sheffield

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